Life after One



Hey folks….look who is here (again). A post a year earns you a blogger

Phew!!! It’s been an incredible one year since my first post. Bun in the oven metamorphosed into a tiny human complete with 10 fingers and 10 toes. He is the most perfect tiny human (lolol). I gained a few pounds…the battle to lose never ends. Resumed work with half a brain….the other half i birthed alongside my baby (hahaha). And he is not so much of a baby anymore. I mean he is over  twelve months. Twelve months of sleepless nights, clinic visits, dirty diapers, runny nose, vomit, and yes, cutest smiles, hearty laughter, aha moments, beautiful discovery, lots of joy, love immeasurable, lots of happy.

But it is time, time to rediscover myself. I find myself somewhat lost. It feels like there is so much to do but so little energy; which obviously means that i have to stop and re-strategize. And to kickstart things the lovely Mrs CI @Oh Wendelyn! never ceases to inspire me. She makes me realise that you can be so much and actually do so much. It should never stop at your wishlist. Those boxes must be checked. So folks, here is a list of things i am going to be picking up on:

  1. My spiritual life: I have been way too slack here and i know i have been running purely on His special Grace, as always. I need to do more, starting of with keeping the hearth of my thoughts pure, being a little kinder and more positive. I truly believe all it takes is a little more effort everyday, deliberate and done in love. To love God is really to live.
  2. Exercise: Some months ago when i continuously experienced fatigue and weakness, a realization hit me; all of my strength comes from within, from my spirit, from the Lord. I knew that my physical weakness was only a subsequent reflection of my inner state. So i know that once i start off with action 1, action 2 becomes easier. I need to exert myself, work these muscles, make the fat cry, become fit. Dear Lord, help me.
  3. Cook again: Oh boy, this is my thing, my dream. And this is what got me here in the first place. So i am stepping it up, learning the tricks of the flame, starting a duel of flavors, tantalizing taste buds, and definitely sharing it with you.

So this is the plan. My plan! It could be yours too, albeit written somewhat differently. Truth is that there is no stagnation in creation. We have to keep moving, keep improving! Everyday is a gift. Use it  wisely!

Much love,